Sunday, January 17, 2016

Lovely Girls' Guide to Bullies

We gave these out to our girls last year and thought it'd be great to share! We showed a clip from American Idol where Mandisa responds in love to the ridicule of Simon and how that softened his heart. A perfect example of grace!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Registration Heads Up! 2013-2014

For the upcoming 2013-2014 year we have LOVELY things planned! More enrichment is just one of the things we are currently planning. We would love any requests or ideas you have- please send to!

If you are already a member and would like to register for next year:
We will have registration open up to current members in May. So please be on the look out for forms in the month of May at the meetings.

If you are not currently a member or have a daughter going into Kindergarten-
We are opening up registration to all* on June 1. To sign up, please send us your email address to We will save your contact info and send you an electronic form in June. We will be accepting payment for the dues through mail- you will get the info on that along with the form.
*Due to space and leadership, we have to constrain our numbers so as best to serve the members. We might not be able to place everyone in the club (as sad as that makes us!) but we will set up a waiting list should the need arise and we DO use it! 

Want to be on the leadership team?
We have a place for you! Just contact us and thank you!

Do you have a lesson for our girls or a skill to share?
We'd LOVE to have you as our Special Event Guest! Please contact us and we will be glad to set a date!

Do you have an older daughter with a heart for Jesus and serving others- little girls?
We want, need and adore you already! Please talk with us about her being involved next year as one of our awesome Lovelies!! This is a great way for her to gain leadership skills and get closer in her walk with the Lord as she serves our Little Lovelies by being in charge of a table. The typical age is 6th-9th grade.

Contact info:
Gillian Nichols

Friday, January 4, 2013

Off to a Great Start!

The inaugural year of Lovely Girls Club sure has been lovely! Here's a look back at our club times, special events and service events! 
We start every meeting with pledges to our country, our Bible and songs to Jesus! We enjoy our Highlight the Verse times:

and our Lesson times where we learn about what God's Word says about how we are lovely because we are His and how to let our light shine!
First Meeting
First Meeting
Our Special Events (More events not shown: Lovely Beauty, Lovely Stewardship, Lovely Love)

We love serving others around Katy/Houston area-

 And we are looking forward to so much more!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lovely Tea Party

What a blessed time this Special Event was! Thank you to Ms. Lesly for your teachings on Prov. 31:10 on how God says our girls are worth more than rubies!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Service Project Today at St. Luke's Hospital (Med. Center)

We will be leaving the Williams House at 8:15am, to head to St. Luke's. Parking garage #2 is supposed to be the easiest to get to,so we'll be heading there and then meeting in the Bates Lobby. There we will pray, sign in, receive your prayer cards/crossword puzzles for the girls to pass out, and find out where you're going. We are estimating you should be finished up and heading home by about 10:15am.
Exact address of St. Luke's Hospital:
1101 Bates
Houston, TX 77030
Park in Bldg 2. 
See you soon!!